Yard Signs

Many candidates invest in yard signs to place in high traffic areas, for visibility. While this is certainly a tried and true practice, I have intended to use different and new campaign strategies. One difference for my campaign can be observed with my yard signs. I have placed signs in the yards of residents that I have personal and community connections with, and who have connected with my campaign so far. Here I have highlighted a few placements around town. Feel free to take a tour below and learn more about me, and those that have made the choice to support my campaign. This is not a complete list of all the signs I have placed. These are just the placements that I have had the opportunity to write about. You can trust though, where you see one of my signs, there is a connection. I truly believe you cannot be different board member if elected, if you are afraid to be a different candidate.

Signs - Randy and Patrice.HEIC

Randy and Patrice

This sign is placed in the front yard of the home I spent all four years of High School at LHS. Today it is occupied by Randy and Patrice. They are supporting my campaign based on what they know of me, and my plan to advocate for mental health access for students, educators and staff of the district. These are two people that know me very well, and they know my abilities and passion. I greatly appreciate their support.

Signs - Euler_edited.jpg

Bob and Diane

This sign was partly placed because of traffic and views down Shrine Park, but mostly because of the connection I have with the owners of the property. Bob and Diane were a second family for me through middle and high school and I am proud to call their son one of my best friends. Both Bob and Diane have had an amazing impact on Leavenworth. Diane is a retired teacher and spent years taking great care of her students and has been very active in retirement as well. Bob is well known in the community from all of his volunteer efforts, kindness, and generosity. It is a true honor to have the support of two pillars of the Leavenworth community in my campaign.

Signs - Prestock.HEIC

Duncan and Heather

These signs are placed in the yard of Duncan and Heather. Heather and I were friends in High School at Leavenworth and have stayed in touch since graduation. Both Duncan and Heather are fellow University of St. Mary Alums who have children in the district. When Heather and I discussed my candidacy, she connected strongly to my passion for increasing and improving Mental Health services for students, educators, and district staff.

Signs - Caylor.HEIC

Jake and Rachel

This sign is placed in the yard of Jake and Rachel. I had the absolute pleasure of coaching both of their sons in baseball very early in their athletic journeys. Not only were they very talented players, but they were also some of the most respectful players on the team both with huge hearts full of passion. When I met their parents, it all made sense. Jake and Rachel are the personification of the phrase “will give you the shirt of their back”. Their empathy and compassion in life and in volunteer work, I have admired year after year. It is a true honor to have them hosting my sign and supporting my campaign. They have two LHS students and appreciate my campaign approach of keeping political rhetoric and the use of fear out of my campaign and my focus on the real issues that can be improved in our district.

Signs - Ms Tonia.HEIC


It was honestly a true pleasure to place these signs in Tonia’s yard. Tonia knew both of my boys from their time at A Deere Place. I absolutely admired Tonia’s dedication to early childhood education. She helped transform that place from just a daycare to a center of continuing education outside of the classroom. She also could be seen driving the “big blue bus” always with a huge smile! Her offering to host my signs means a lot to me coming from someone that really knows about education, organization, and what it means to put kids first.

Signs - Bristow.HEIC

Thom and Brooke

One of the most impressive connections, or perhaps a reconnection, led to the placement of this sign. Hosting this sign is Thom and Brooke. Thom and I were in high school together at Leavenworth and one of the people I could pick out that I knew would do big things. Since high school Thom has had a tremendously impressive journey from working for the railroad, then becoming an engineer finding himself working for corporations like B/E Aerospace, Burns & McDonnell and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Now he has been accepted into Medical School to become a physician. Brooke is a scholar of arts and entertainment with an admirable and serous passion for both. Thom and Brooke noticed some of my social media activity prior to my campaign publicly pushing for accountability in our elected officials and began following my campaign after I made the first announcement. It is an absolute honor to have my sign hosted by such amazing residents of this community. They believe in me and my efforts to bring accountability to the School Board and District along with my passion to ensure the public facing data matches the actual education environments the district provides.

Signs - Griswold.HEIC


This sign was placed in the yard of Mike, a Leavenworth City Commissioner. The placement of this sign had nothing to do with politics, rather it was out of mutual respect and appreciation. Mike had 30 years of honorable Military Service and has served the community of Leavenworth just as honorably. In my community organizing efforts to advocate for my neighbors, Mike was very receptive to our ideas and took time to listen and understand our concerns. This was greatly appreciated. It is an honor to have a sign hosted by Mike in his front yard, and I can only hope to have the impact on Leavenworth as he has had over the years.

Signs - Pettis.HEIC

Justin and Jessica

This sign was placed in the yard of Justin and Jessica. I have known both from middle and high school in Leavenworth. In fact Justin is likely the reason the district had to install springs on the basketball rims – after breaking the backboard on a dunk. Jessica, I have known during school as well as after graduation where she has worked in the county and federal government jobs. What is most impressive about Justin and Jessica is their passion for sports, and how that has translated into action to benefit countless young Leavenworth athletes. They have strongly supported district sports and community sports in ways that have ultimately made those programs tremendously successful because of their efforts. They have children that have graduated from Leavenworth and still in the district. They have connected to my approach to focusing on improving what has been built inside the district we have shared, and making the community more aware of district offerings. I appreciate their work with Leavenworth sports, and their support of my campaign.

Signs - Baker.HEIC

Kevin and Janiece

These signs are hosted by Kevin, Janiece and Bentley their amazing dog. I have been able to get to know this family in our efforts to advocate for road improvements in our shared communities. They both are nothing short of amazing. Whether it is maintaining a very successful local business, using medical research to improve our world, raising some awesome children and giving back to the community – they are a true credit to our community. We have connected over my passion for improving the district with transparency, thoughtful solutions, well-researched and communicated plans, with a focus on the students, educators and district staff, not political rhetoric. Knowing what they have contributed to our community makes me beam with pride to have their support in my campaign and hosting my sign.

Signs - Kathy.HEIC

Kathy and Cooper

This sign in Kathy and Cooper’s yard is very impactful for me, because Kathy was one of the people that inspired me to take this path. She heard through the community grapevine about proposed construction in our neighborhood and started to spread the word. Had it not been for Kathy many neighbors, including me, would have not known about it until the construction equipment started rolling in. In the course of organizing the community, with Kathy’s amazing support, we have been able to advocate for our neighborhood concerns. Kathy has witnessed my organizational and communication skills which are critical for an effective school board member. Having her support means a lot to me and my campaign.