Student Wellness

Students with emotional or mental health symptoms don't just suffer in the short-term at school or in the home. A lasting impact can create lifelong difficulties.


The emotional wellness of each student should be a priority of district and board staff.

In the Classroom

Access to Services

Because school can be a safe environment for students, it may be easier to ask for - and accept help while in school. This is why additional resources inside the school and in the community should be a priority.The overall wellness of students comes first.


Educator Support

The school setting provides stability, and for some students, the only stability they know. Our educators should be equipped with the most recent, evidenced based approaches, to to help students, while reducing stigma associated with seeking assistance for emotional or behavioral difficulties.

Young Teacher

Prevention and Response

District policies and actions should follow a decision matrix that increases access to resources for the students.. Rewarding and recognizing good emotional and behavioral health hygiene is important to preventing or worsening emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Improving the response to crisis in a effective, non-stigmatizing, and supportive way can limit the lasting impact of emotional and/or behavioral stress.

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