Thank you for considering donating to my campaign. Running a campaign is not cheap, which is a reality that I did not fully understand until I started the campaign. 

Your donation will go to good use, and will only be used for my campaign. Right now I am hoping to purchase bumper sticker magnets for people to place on their vehicles in the place of more yard signs. I don't know about you, but I get a little tired of seeing groups of yard signs in every public space across our city. I would like to keep my signs to those who support my campaign, and allow the magnets to do the work of public space placements of signs. 

I will not accept any donations from any partisan group. I also cannot accept donations from anyone who has or represents a company with current or pending business dealings/contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General, or Department of Defense. Individual employees of those organizations are able to donate, but if the individual is representing any business dealings with those goverment organizations, I cannot accept the donation.